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That's the last time I administer an at-home bro-zilian.

Speaking of which, Dave, we need more duct tape.

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Birthdate:Jan 1
max blum
{ slacker }
"The zombies have taken you down and I am using your body like a sleeping bag. Tauntaun style."

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Name: Max Blum
Fandom:Happy Endings
PB: Adam Pally
Basic Info:

Age: 29
Work:Devil's Nest | Tuesday
Email: gayandchubby at gmail dot com

The Bear | Big Eater | But Not Too Gay | Comedic Sociopath | Deadpan Snarker | Guys are Slobs
The Slacker | Straight Gay | Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs? | Nice Jewish Boy | Jerkass Fa├žade

Laurie Keller | Jack Priest

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